Happy New Year! Announcing our Peer Support Services

Happy New Year from Robin’s Home! We’re grateful for your support in the past year.

Exciting news: In 2024, we’re launching a new program to support women veterans in our community.

Robin’s Home Launches Groundbreaking Certified Peer Specialist Program for Women Veterans

Butler, PA, January 3, 2024 — Robin’s Home, a leading organization dedicated to supporting women veterans, proudly announces the launch of its new Certified Peer Specialist Program tailored for women veterans. This initiative aims to provide specialized assistance to women veterans residing in the counties under the VA Butler Healthcare umbrella.

The Robin’s Home Certified Peer Specialist Program is designed to address the unique challenges faced by women veterans by offering a supportive network and specialized resources. Through this program, experienced peer specialists will work closely with women veterans, providing mentorship, guidance, and a platform for fostering a sense of community.

Key Program Features:

  • Tailored Support: Peer specialists will offer personalized support to address the distinct needs of women veterans, recognizing the diverse experiences within this demographic.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Participants will benefit from one-on-one mentorship sessions, creating a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.
  • Community Building: The program will facilitate community-building activities, fostering connections among women veterans and promoting a sense of camaraderie.
  • Resource Access: Women veterans will have access to a curated set of resources, including educational materials, workshops, and events designed to enhance their well-being.

Robin’s Home is excited about the positive impact this program will have on the lives of women veterans in the community. By recognizing and addressing the unique needs of women who have served in the military, we aim to empower them to lead fulfilling and successful lives beyond their military service.

For more information about the Robin’s Home Certified Peer Specialist Program, please contact Mary Chitwood at mary@robinshome.us (724) 453-4644.