So much gratitude!

We have come a long way in 3 years!!! So grateful for the support of the community and everyone who believed in this program. Thank you to the board of directors for all you work and support. To all of our donors and volunteers who contribute to Robin’s Home. Thank you supporting our women veterans in our communities. Robin’s Home is a reflection of what a community can accomplish when we come together!!! Each and everyone of you are the true heroes!!!!!

I want to thank everyone who has supported Robin’s Home. Because of all the support we are almost done with updating the home. We have had so much support from receiving grants, volunteers to work on getting the home ready and monetary donations. Also, thanks to everyone who is sharing Robin’s Home with their family, friends, coworkers. Thank you for helping get the word out there. Being a female veteran and a single parent it warms my heart to see the community help bring awareness to female veterans issues. This support drives me daily to continue to meet our goal and persevere everyday. November 2017 I lost my job. I became the female veteran this program was developed to help. I had to access resources in the community to assist me with rent, utilities and food. I have experienced first hand the struggle that female veterans experience. Because of the help I received I have secured full time employment, was able to keep my home and provide for my daughter and I. I am thankful that God continues to does his work and uses me as an instrument to help other female veterans who share the same struggle I have experienced. This program will assist female veterans who are struggling and provide hope because Robin’s Home can assist them with housing, case management, and connecting them to services to help them get on their feet again. Your help with Robin’s Home is a blessing. May god bless you and your family.

Mary Chitwood

Note: You can learn more about our board of directors by going [ here ].