Flag Raising at Robin’s House

Before, it appeared to be just another yellow brick house in the city. 

Now, passers-by will have no doubt that those who cross the threshold served their country proudly. 

A ceremony on Saturday morning saw local veterans from each branch of the armed forces help raise their flag in a special display at Robin’s Home, the residence at North Elm and East Pearl streets that provides supportive housing for female veterans. 

In addition to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard flags, a Space Force flag was raised. 

Local community leaders led a solemn ceremony for the display. An open house invited everyone in attendance to tour Robin’s Home, which recently underwent a renovation. 

The two women who live at Robin’s Home — including Air Force veteran Ardelia Meriweather — were thrilled with the flag ceremony. 

“They’re beautiful,” Meriweather said of the flags. “It lets people know it’s a safe home and serves veterans.”

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